Data Destruction & Sanitization

Do you realize that there are certain things than can be more damaging to your organization than even the loss of proprietary information or breach of a client’s trust…?

Yes; and these "certain things" include trade secrets, financial information, client data, employee records, software etc… in other words, the entire valuable Data/Information which amounts to your years of work and if lands in the wrong hands then can be devastating. Moreover, because of the continual increase in people’s choice for digital storage, it is necessary that individual and businesses come up with an "end of life" strategy to manage their data stored via digital medium.

… and what could be the most suitable strategy to put these data at peace, when they are no longer required? Probably the most efficient "Data Destruction & Sanitization plan" which will help you perfectly dispose-off the un-required data. Data Destruction & Sanitization is also important because as an organization your liability does not end when a work pertaining to any particular data comes to an end. Rather, it will continue to be your responsibility until the work has been certified to be successfully accomplished by all the parties involved in it. It is then when you can/must actually retire the data/information or those sensitive files.

We at Nirvana Recycling are a trusted full-service Data Destruction & Sanitization service provider in India. Our motto is to give our customers the peace of mind when it comes to proper destruction of their confidential yet unwanted information. Nirvana Recycling’s finest Data Destruction Labs together with the most efficient technicians insure that your data is not coming back once they are destructed and the storage devise has been sanitized.

At Nirvana Recycling, our specialization lies in data destruction from an array of storage device, including- mobile phones, hard drives, PC's, laptops, servers, printers, copiers, fax machines, portable USB drives, Floppy, zip, cameras, data tapes, CD's, Memory/Ram and many more. Our method of Data Destruction & Sanitization includes physical destruction and secure wiping and many more as per our clients’ requirements.