Reverse Logistics

Have you ever thought of means for benefiting your company with its scraps?

No… well, we can tell you how!!

For this you just need to run your scraps backward through the supply chain. Still wondering how… ok, it’s through a service called Reverse Logistics.

"Reverse Logistics stands for initiatives pertaining to the reuse of e-Wastes which still owns potential to be used in a different capacity. The process of Reverse Logistics primarily consists of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. Besides, the process also includes management & sale of surplus and returned equipment/ machines from the hardware leasing business"

We at Nirvana Recycling take pride in our ability to understand and analyze the importance of e-Waste Management and the complexities involved with their un-thoughtful discarding, and hence we have planned our Reverse Logistics Services accordingly to meet specific requirements of our clients. Through our services, we aim to deliver profit to our customers like never before. Our Reverse Logistic services help our clients find the best buyers for their products that are returned as defective, broken, unused, out-of-use and would otherwise be landfill fodders.

How about benefiting from your e-Wastes…?