Metal Recovery & Refining

"Metal Recovery & Refining is a crucial part of e-Waste Treatment. While it helps in diverting solid wastes and in supporting zero landfill initiatives, it also helps eliminate toxic scrap from wastes which are rich source of precious metals- with concentrations richer than naturally occurring deposits.

"Metal Recovery & Refining’ is actually the part of the process that adds value to the waste, whether it is outdated/unused electrical appliances, computers, lap tops or anything else. Although ‘Metal Recovery’ part of the process aims at extracting metals from the so-called dead and discarded wastes, which still has potential to be utilized in some other capacity, the ‘Refining’ part includes of removing impurities"

We at Nirvana Recycling take pride in being one of the country’s largest and oldest Metal Recovery & Refining Facilities with state-of-the-art equipments, processes and best of the brains to initiate and support Metal Recovery & Refining through mechanical, thermal and chemical processes besides furnace processing. Our specializations lies in eco-efficient recovery and refining services for precious metal bearing materials such as by-products from electronics industry, consumer appliance/domestic appliance industries… etc.

As a part of our Metal Recovery & Refining Process, we at Nirvana Recycling aim to Recover & Refine as much of the precious metal from e-Wastes as possible, get them refined to high purity levels and converted to fresh catalysts… so that they can be put back to the cycle for a better life.

How about benefiting from your e-Wastes…?